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Show your appreciation - not just today but every day!

WHEN it comes to running your own business it’s important to remember that your people are by far your biggest asset.

A happy team is a productive team – strong, united behind your common goals and willing to work hard for you, particularly when times are tough.

As a leader and motivator, showing how much you value the efforts and commitment of your team should be a natural process. But knowing what to do and how to do it can be tricky, particularly if you are new to people management.

To mark Employee Appreciation Day on March 3, here’s some helpful advice to help you get the very best from your team - not just today but every day.

Get back to basics

Keeping your team happy is one of the most important things you can do for the wellbeing of your business.

But the key to success actually lies in making sure you have a clear strategy and lines of communication in place to ensure your employees are empowered to do the very best job they can.

Back that up with regular catch-ups, scheduled one-to-ones and more formal appraisals and every member of your team will instantly feel more engaged and clear on how their progress matches up with your business’s objectives.

Take the time to learn and understand what makes each individual member of your team tick and what their plans are for the future. Supporting them with relevant training or mentoring opportunities will go a long way to making sure they feel valued and supported.

Building on strong foundations

As business owners and people managers you will set the tone for how your business is run and the kind of culture you want to adopt.

As I mentioned earlier, taking the time to get to know the individuals in your team and understanding them as people will really help you develop an atmosphere which is productive and rewarding.

Socialising outside the office can be an excellent way of building a sense of camaraderie, as can away days or team building events.

And when it comes to actually saying thank you for a job well done don’t think you have rely on lavish gestures or expensive gifts. In the vast majority of cases just saying the words as often as you can is a much more heartfelt and sincere way of showing how grateful you are and how much you care.

Ena HR – always here to help

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