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Wellbeing as a business owner

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

Employee wellbeing is crucial. It is well documented that if an employee has good physical, mental, and financial wellbeing, which is supported by their employer, they are more engaged. Higher levels of engagement leads to higher levels of productivity. It really is a moral and commercial no brainer for all employers to focus on promoting employee overall wellbeing.


How do you focus on you?

As a business owner what do you do to support your own wellbeing?


How do I focus on me?

One of my drivers for becoming a business owner was a better or different work life balance and better mental health. I wanted to build the life I wanted but it hasn't been without its challenges! I knew I had/have a tendency to get tunnel vision and neglect my own wellbeing so I had to do something to prevent me from getting so busy building a business I forgot to build a life.

I need boundaries, I need focus, and I need a plan to keep well, just like any employee.


A steep learning curve

I quickly learnt that the hard way that if I am not running at my optimum then neither will my business.

No sick pay

No one to pick up the slack if I'm poorly

Only me to meet my deadlines

Only a few months into my new journey I was hit with a shocking migraine that lasted over a week. It floored me and it disrupted my business plans. I realised very quickly I needed to do something, and quick!


What did I do?

I created my own Personal Wellbeing Charter to make sure I don't lose focus on my wellbeing and I get the balance right and I want to share it with you.

I am embracing progress over perfection with this one and I put my hands up that I don't comply 100%. However, I do review it regularly and make sure it is still working for me, I keep my expectations realistic, and I give myself a big pat on the back when I do well!

I have committed to boundaries so I don't neglect myself and my family. I have reflected on my habits, good and bad, and focused on 5 habits to try to make second nature and I have 5 actions from the NHS 5 steps to mental wellbeing:

Connect with others

I have fully embrace remote working and it works so well for my family life and travel plans. No way would I want to go back to a daily commute and be office based and miss out on the school drop off or lunch time village walk with a friend. However, I learnt that I need people and I thrive on positive human interactions. For me, it's like a tank of energy that I need to keep topped up with social interactions on a regular basis to enable me to keep positive and motivated working remotely.

Be physically active

During the pandemic I piled on the pounds.... I was that person the Daily Mail was headlining. Although I probably had acquired some habits similar to the hungry caterpillar I had also become sedentary. I have trained for and completed marathons and triathlons but without a plan and with the distraction of work my physical health really suffered. I made the commitment to daily exercise, outside if possible and the positive impact it had on every aspect of my health was remarkable.

Learn new skills

I am a late learner. I did OK at school and went on to get a degree but I only discovered my love of learning in the last few years. Learning new skills or developing my knowledge motivates and enthuses me. I am undertaking some formal qualifications but I also now love to expand my mind through podcasts and networking. I was once told that our mind is like a map, if we stray off the map we lose our confidence, so we must continue to grow our map to keep confident and hold off imposter syndrome and other anxieties.

Give to others

Giving feels good. I have always been that person who is just as happy to see friends and family open their presents at Christmas as receiving gifts myself. I am part of a networking group that champions 'Givers Gain' and this really resonates with me. Whilst we shouldn't give to receive, supporting others or by doing charitable acts we do gain. We gain a sense of purpose and satisfaction, which is good for our wellbeing.

Be present

This is a big one for me. I am terrible at not being present. I am that person that will get constantly distracted by my mobile phone, I have sat down so many times with my husband to watch a film in the evening and not seen any of it as I have been in a social media black hole: He hates it. I try and work on my laptop when I should be with my children and then snap at them when they keep interrupting me: They get upset with me. Forming some simple good habits to be present is very important for me and my family. No phones, at the dinner table, keeping to working school hours, and ring fencing the weekend as family time.

Does any of this resonate with you???

Are you a business owner that this scenario resonates with? I would love to hear from you.

Would you like to run a wellbeing session with your team enabling them to create their own Personal Wellbeing Charter and support them to keep at their optimum? I can facilitate a virtual or inhouse session with tangible results to help you be proactive in supporting your employee wellbeing.

Are you a business owner that would benefit from some support with your own wellbeing or managing your people? I can help, give me a call.

And of course I am happy to share a free copy of my Personal Wellbeing Charter template, just drop me a line today!


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