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What is my why?

Why did I start Kate Coulson HR & Training?

My family motivates me but they are not my why. Selfishly, I am my why.

I have enjoyed a fulfilling career in HR and management across different industry sectors for over 20 years and I wanted a different balance, I wanted a change. I have set up my own HR consultancy providing support for small business owners to have a better work life balance as I raise my two very strong willed and feisty daughters! I didn't want to ask for permission anymore, I am my own boss. I wanted the flexibility to work anywhere, I love to travel. I wanted to prioritise the best organisation I know, my family.

I love all things people so working in partnership with my clients, sharing my knowledge and expertise, is a pleasure and an honour. So far on my journey I have met so many inspirational people, I am very grateful.


Do we have a company vision?

Absolutely we do.

Our vision is to work in partnership with likeminded small business owners to support them to manage, retain and develop their people. Providing expert advice and guidance on all things people as their critical friend.

For us the governance is a given. Once the foundations are laid we love working with clients to support their business growth through their people.


What motivates me?

Success. I get immense pleasure from other people's success and knowing that I have impacted their business or personal growth motivates me. Reflecting on my career it is the people I have worked with and their development that I remember and cherish.

I try to count the small wins in everything I do, not just at work. I love seeing my children flourish and I am very proud of my family. Personally I love ticking off my to do list and I need focus, training for a running event or any personal goal drives me.


What do I think the Top people priorities are for small business owners in 2022?

i) The candidate experience

We have a labour shortage in the UK so it is essential that every opportunity to attract and retain talent is optimised. Prospective employees judge what it is like to work somewhere by the experience they go through as a candidate.

ii) Flexibility

Everyone is demanding more flexibility at work. Business owners who embrace this trend will reap the rewards from a more engaged, happy, and productive team.

iii) Wellbeing

Employers need to keep employee wellbeing at the top of their agenda and reignite their efforts to focus on not only their employees physical and mental health but their financial wellbeing, a priority for all of us in 2022.


What do I do when I'm not working?

Being a business owner and a mum of two keeps me pretty busy! As a family we love to travel and we loved living in Greece for a year recently with all it's ups and downs.

I am a primary school governor and a trustee for the charity SEDCU: Supporting the Education of Disadvantaged Children in Uganda. Both roles enable me to give a little back and help with my own personal development.

I enjoying running, I have completed a few half and full marathons but currently I just enjoy the fresh air, time to myself, and the health benefits of putting my trainers on.

This is me in front of a water tank in Uganda that I helped to fund by running the London Marathon: One of my greatest achievements. (both the distance and the tank!)


If you're a business owner that needs support with their team get in touch for a no obligation chat about all things people. I'd love to help you grow your business, and succeed.

Get in touch today!


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